With so many mobile casinos available, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right one? What is the difference between good and bad mobile casinos? How to stay safe and avoid any problems whatsoever? Top 10 Mobile Casino answers all these questions, in an easy and quick fashion.

6 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Mobile Casinos

There are a few basic pointers when it comes to picking the proper mobile casino. Like with everything else, there’s no reason to settle for mediocre. No way! You should demand an amazing experience, a simple navigation through the game, as well as proper payment and security options.

The article in front of you tackles some of the mistakes players make when selecting mobile casinos. We’re going to keep everything short and sweet. No promotions, just pure content. It is important for us that you play all these games the way they are supposed to be played. It’s the passion all of us share together.

So, without further ado, let’s go deep!

#1 Stay Out Of Suspicious Mobile Casinos

Repeat after us – “I will never, EVER, play in a mobile casino just because they have a nice website or a fancy bonus!”

#1 Stay away from suspicious casinosLike previously stated, what you need to do is to use high competition that exists in this industry and take advantage of all this personalization around us. One way to tackle this problem is to consider what you’re in the market for. What payment options do you need? How about withdrawals? Is this what I really want?

Many mobile casinos have reviews all over the internet. Read two or three reviews for each casino from different websites. Don’t fall for big bonuses and rainbow promises. Having a nice website is nice, but offering a great service is a whole other story.

Here are some iPhone, iPad and Android casinos we can vouch for, but please go through multiple sources and be safe. Ask Google, use everything!

#2 Don’t Be Fooled By Unreal Bonuses

#2 Don’t Be Fooled By Unreal BonusesAnybody can write something like “up to $2000 bonus, join in”. Sure, $2000 is really there, but that’s the highest reward saved for only one player. You need to dig deeper and check out what’s hiding beyond the surface.

For instance, are there any wagering requirements? Sometimes you will stumble upon a great bonus offer, but you will be required to use it unbelievable amount of times to get that cash into your wallet.

Secondly, does the bonus demand deposit from your checkbook or is it a no deposit one? Consider your preferences and study all the sentences written in smaller size. Don’t forget that famous quote – “There may be something rotten in Denmark”.

#3 Create Money Management Strategy Before

It goes without saying that mobile casinos with reputable deposit and withdrawal methods are in 99% cases most reliable ones. In other words, no further experimentation is needed. Stick with the classics and don’t worry about it.

Common mistake people make is when combining two methods. For example, you decide to make a deposit through the landline. Brilliant, it’s one of the safest ways to do it and really cool by the way. But, how are you going to withdraw your winnings? No way in hell money will come back the same way. Be practical and prepare in time.

#4 Is My Phone Compatible?

We know what you are thinking. How can any Smartphone be incompatible? And you’re right. In most cases, they all have a green light. Whether it is an Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry, chances are you’re good to go.

But, it just makes sense to take 30 seconds out of your playing time to check it out. Make sure everything will work smoothly and avoid frustration that comes for neglecting this question.

#5 Reconsider Betting Limits

This one depends on your own preferences and the way you like to roll. But, in general you have to types of mobile casinos or games.

#5 Reconsider Betting LimitsSome have incredibly high stakes which in the end makes it easier to put in a lot of money. Many people lost big amounts chasing something that’s just out of their reach. At least in that moment. Don’t let it happen to you.

What can you do instead? Pick a mobile casino that offers both minimal and higher stakes. Of course, if you can control yourself and be objective when it comes to it, then we salute you. You may well skip #5.

Finally, be sure to go through different betting tiers and lines, as well as the pay table. Do your homework, you will be grateful for it later.

#6 Think About The Obvious

The last tip we have for you is to analyze and answer these few quick questions that quite often tell a lot about a mobile casino.

  • Is there website user-friendly? If it’s not, how are you supposed to trust offers/reviews are any better?
  • What’s the word on Social Media? Many mobile casinos have their accounts set. See what people tweet, post or comment. You cannot find more valuable feedback.
  • Is there a newsletter? Sign up, see what happens. Sometimes you can receive an exclusive offer from your casino.
  • Is it possible to play in your own country? Some mobile casinos are unavailable in certain countries.

The basics are essential. And remember, first impression lasts.

The Bottom Line

These were some mistakes people tend to make from now and then. Learn from their mistakes and don’t let it happen to you. Mobile casinos should be fun, convenient and practical. Don’t settle for anything less.

Good mobile casinos need to keep you happy. If the music stops, say your goodbye and find another one.