Casino gamification is all online gamblers are talking about these days. There’s a bit mystery going on with all the features it offers to the players. Many of us are wondering what in God’s name is virtual currency or what does levelling up really mean.

casino gamification

If you start Google-ing unknown terms here, you’ll find out some guides already exist. But, who wants to read a tone of pages to simply understand the true meaning behind casino gamification. That’s where we come in. Here’s a quick and simple overview of each and every thing which should matter to you as a player.

Let’s dig into it!

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What the Hell is Casino Gamification?

The best way to understand what casino gamification actually represents is to think of it as having more gaming options – casino style. Gamification means taking elements of game playing (such as role-playing, leader boards and levels) and putting all these elements into areas of life which are not primarily game-related.

Combining gambling and games together, or gamify if you must, shall give you a more pleasant overall experience. The whole point is for casinos to keep you happy and make you come back. Which is cool, as long as there is something to return to in the first place. Casino gamification might be it. Let’s finish this section with an example. Imagine a game you loved to play on your mobile or desktop that isn’t so casino-related. Now consider if you can earn money and gamble a bit by playing that very same game. Hence, casino gamification!

What does it bring to you?

We can try to promote this fancy new thing all day long, but the main point is the fact you will enjoy playing more. Everybody can get a bit bored turning on the very same games mobile casinos usually offer and you can’t play them for too long. Casino gamification brings something new to the table and that’s pure fun. Players want to be blown away with cool new features and get impressed with details their game has. We dare you to go and be gamified. Because you will be amazed with the entire experience, from A to Z. Just awesome!

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Let’s Talk About Casino Gamification Features

social casino gamification

Unlockable Content

Getting gamified casino content unlocked is practically the whole point of starting gamification adventure in the first place. When you pass a certain level of the game, you get access to the next one. It might be a new level, particular amount of points or even a new game. You basically get a reward for performing good in the game.

Casino Tournaments

You also have the option of competing with other players by joining a tournament. It’s ten times better than facing a computer on your own. Based on the amount of players participating in a tournament, leaderboards will be formed at the end of the game and winners will be rewarded. Pretty straightforward stuff, as casino gamification offers complete enjoyment!

One more thing! You have 2 types of tournaments:

  • Sit and Go – if you don’t have much free time and want to play a quick tournament
  • Scheduled – as the name implies, they’re organized in advance, competition is more intense, but the prizes are more attractive as well.

Oh, almost forgot! Pay attention to entrance fees. Some tournaments require pre-payment ($1-$30 is the usual range), while the others are absolutely free.

casino gamification


A narrative is just the story-line that you ought to follow along the game. Features of narratives include plot, characters, themes and music.


Three words – social casino gamification! These kinds of games offer you load of possibilities to connect with other people and be a part of the community. Be sure to complete your profile with just enough information for people to want to connect with you. Then it all comes down to wondering around different gaming rooms and topics on forums.

Finally, keep up climbing that leaderboard, because you never know from where the next prize will come.

Virtual Currency

Virtual currency is a currency created by the casino that can be exchanged for other items of value at that casino. Its main use is to bring additional challenges and fun time to the picture.

Each casino can provide you with their own virtual currency. Don’t mistake this for Bitcoin or chips. Think of it as imaginary money used for the game you’re playing only. This virtual currency is then used to unlock new content or to buy something from the game shop. And yes, of course it’s used for rewards distribution as well.  That’s what casino gamification is all about. Every aspect of the game is part of the bigger, yet unique story.

Levelling Up

As the name implies, it refers to the process by which all players progress to next stages of the chosen character’s abilities. Experience points are units used to track the performance of a player’s character. If these sentences don’t make any sense, don’t worry. Crucial thing to remember here, this is no big deal really. Like in any game you build the strength of your character, day by day. Level by level…

Bottom Line

Casino gamification is an upcoming trend, so brace yourself for gamification-related content all over the Web. Casinos want to keep you entertained. They aim for you to stay stick around and by offering you incentives to do so. You can use all these features by simply playing your favorite games like you did before. Only with few exceptions! The trick is there will be more rewards, giveaways and more interesting challenges along the road. Give it a go, we’re positive you’ll like the revolution that’s coming.