We have some great news for you in three words: YES HE DID! Casino winner of the day. Amazing plays and a bit of luck of course cashed couple of hundred thousand PLN for one player who is probably chilling hard out there somewhere. Totally deserved though!

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Casino Winner of the Day

We absolutely love when something like this happens. Many, many players take on the quest, but there can be only one casino winner. Frankly, that’s what makes it special. As hard as it may be for some people to believe in it, these things really do happen. Sure, it’s not an everyday occurrence, but when it comes to it – oh me oh my. Let’s meet our lucky player!

It was just another game day for this lucky fellow from Poland. He was playing few of his favorite games, and with a pair of extraordinary moves managed to generate load of cash.

Casino Winner

In a spectacular and first win for the day, this guy managed to win 200,000 PLN after wagering only 200 PLN. The play was in Sizzling Hot Deluxetm. He then went on to winning 64,260 PLN with even smaller 180 PLN bet. Only this time, he switched to playing Book of Ratm which proved to be the right choice. All these plays were only his introduction for the grand quest.

Casino winner from Poland kept his mojo running and went on dominating. The game was the same – Book of Ratm. To make it even more amusing, the gamble was for the exact same amount of 180 PLN and the winning sum was forked over after only one spin. Oh yeah, this time he won 370,980 PLN. No pressure!

Bear with us, because this was not it for him. No way Jose! We presume he was thinking along the lines – “Okay, I won big. Time to think strategically and bet small one more time!” After all, who is to say the strake won’t last one more round and 200 PLN loss was easy to bear at this stage.

Casino Winner

For the final play, he decided to call his time on the Book of Ratm game. Went back to Sizzling Hot Deluxetm! The wager was identical as the first time. As you probably guessed it by now, Polish casino winner was lucky one more time and managed to add 40,000 PLN to his account. Sounds more than easy, but no sir it wasn’t.

Apart from one big congrats, there isn’t too much to say. When cool players are playing at cool casinos, equally cool winnings are possible. Luck will sometimes follow the rhythm and make your lucky face smile for a long time. Big ups Polish Maestro! Hope you like this nickname we’ve chosen for you.

Finally, we can finish all off by saying that this can be you. Instead of answering “yeah, yeah” and giving few reasons why you think it’s not possible, try to find the courage and enough energy to play. Who knows really? Perhaps the next player in this article will be you.

Keep playing because anything’s possible!

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