Making a Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline is getting insanely popular these days. At the end of the day, we are playing at mobile casinos, so it is basically a convenient and simple way to transfer your funds without making much fuss about it.

Some people begin to wonder if mobile casino deposit by landline is something really worth considering. Questions about safety of the service, various comparisons with other methods and pros & cons lists are normal. Having all that in mind, Top10 presents the complete guide about the topic. Learn everything you ought to know, fast!

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Table of contents

How Does Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline Work

Imagine you are paying for something with your credit or debit card. Now, picture that same process without any card, data input or any bills whatsoever. You switched all that with your phone number. All you need is to have:

  1. a BT landline
  2. be 18 years or older
  3. have a bill payer’s permission

When you decide to make a mobile casino deposit by landline, the amount you’ve deposited is charged to your monthly phone bill. There are no extra charges aside from the deposit you are making. In case you see one cent more than your exact deposit amount, you should report it to your phone provider ASAP.

Now, how does it actually work? Well, the network operator obviously also plays a role between you and the casino you in which you decided to play. It acts as an intermediary.

How Does Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline Work

What they do is they pass the payment to the casino and get the job done for you. Other than just being there, they also monitor any legal breaches, security threats and provide efficient money flow.

To sum it up, there are no fees, no credit cards and it takes only a few seconds. Plus, you can use your phone number to play on other devices, such as a tablet or a computer.

Making a Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline Guide

Step by step guide Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline

In this section you are provided with a step by step guide on how to make a mobile casino deposit by landline. Ultimately, it is basic overview of the process covering all the things you are going to encounter along the way.

  • Step 1 – Choose the option “Deposit by BT Bill” and enter your number
  • Step 2 – Mobile Casino will send you a special number. You should call it and they will guide you through. It is usually an automatic response, but it shall get the job done. Just follow the instructions and don’t worry about it.
  • Step 3 – Payment is being processed! You will receive an automatic response that will inform you when they receive your payment. After you hear confirmation and the money is transferred, hang up and start playing.

This is it really. Not such a big deal this mobile casino deposit by landline after all. Have in mind that sometimes it can take around 10 minutes for them to transfer the deposit to your account.

Where can you check your costs?

Once again, the charges will appear in your BT bill at the end of the month. Look at it as any other call you’ve made during that time. Just log in to your account, check everything and pay your landline bill as usual.

Why should I go for it

Pros Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline

Way too convenient! Let’s face it, you don’t have to enter any credit card number, create an account, switch to different payment methods or do one of those things all players usually consider as boring when making a deposit. You play and pay only with your phone and do it all in a blink of an eye. Making mobile casino pay by landline is just so easy.

No security threats! Bearing in mind that phone number is the only detail you are providing, chances that somebody is going to trick you or fool into doing something risky are very, very slim. Every time you want make that deposit via landline, it requires your confirmation. If you experience any problem regarding the manner your number has been treated, all that needs to be done is to contact the casino or your operator.

Protects your privacy! A lot of input is usually required if you use a credit card or e-Wallet options. Security numbers, card numbers, name, surname, location data – all that remains private and secured when you go with mobile casino deposit by landline!

Self-Control benefits! Providers have some kind of limit attached concerning the amount you can transfer per day. Phone billing on BT Landline is limited to £30 a day for example. You can even set the daily limits with current provider and insure yourself against the greed. Mobile casino deposit by landline is a great way for some players to avoid spending what they don’t yet have and avoid problems down the road.

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Why avoid landline depositing

Limited deposit possibilities! There are players who like to bet a little bit bigger. Focusing on mobile casino deposit byCons Mobile Casino Deposit by Landline landline can cause you reasons for frustration if you are part of this group that doesn’t like deposit limits. The solution for this particular problem is to reach out to your provider and have them increase your daily limit.

No withdrawal option! Maybe there is no need for credit cards and e-Wallet when making a deposit, but is sure as the day you will need one of these when you want to withdraw your winnings. No player ever wants to put his cash back into his or her phone bill. Seriously, right? So, you would need to switch between two different methods. Another way to go can be a cheque withdrawal, offered by 75% of mobile casinos. But, it can be slow and you would probably have to wait in a line to take your money.

Lack of casino bonuses! Many players will argue the fact that mobile casino deposit by landline and phone number usage kills the fun out of bonuses. In other words, there is a shortage of them. The verdict is you will definitely miss out on some cool welcome bonuses, deposit matches since you have a daily limit. It depends on the casino you choose, but it is definitely a minus for the landline possibility.

Final thing to remember is that this payment method is used to make a deposit only for casino and slot games. Unfortunately, betting on live matches is out of the question.

What is BT Landline

BT gives you a chance to make a mobile casino deposit by landline by using their phone bill instead of your monthly bill for instance. It is only available under Boku which makes it not so popular option for some casinos. BT is actually a communications provider in the UK, offering landlines, TV package and broadband to customers. You can use BT landline at Probability-powered casinos.


Mobile casino deposit by landline, like every other thing, comes with its strengths and flaws. Players who love to have fun instead of devoting significant amount of energy to gambling, as well as ones who hate using credit cards as means of payment absolutely adore this option.

On the other hand, it can cost you in a way since another withdrawal method is needed and you would probably miss out on some bonuses.

All in all, it is not a bad way to start. Daily limit represent a good stopping sign when you get carried away and it saves you a lot of time since it is the most convenient way of making a deposit. Nevertheless, people are different and the choice will depend from personal preference. The most important thing is to go with the method you can live with, that you understand thoroughly and have fun playing. All that matters!