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Congrats to Player “K***p”

Who WON A FREE IPAD MINI 3 on competition

The FREE iPad Competition was held in April, and here is how it looked like:

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Top10 Ranked Players:

* this list is updated once a day, each morning for the previous day.
** If you are not ranked in top 10 you can contact us and ask about your current rankings.
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Play Every Day in April to Earn Points.

Come regularly to this page to check how are you doing on the race.

For every day you finish winning more than £5 or even losing more than £5 you will receive 1 point.

If in any given day you win more than £25 or lose more than $25 you will get 2 points for that day.

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Tie Breaker

In case that 2 players have the same number of points, the one that had earned less will get the iPad.

2nd Prize

In case over 50 players had participated there will be another big prize for the 2nd place.
If you want more info please contact us.


How does it work?

Betway has authorized us to host this exclusive promotion and we are giving away a brand new iPad Mini 3. The competition is designed to award our most active players, so it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you collect the most daily points. Once the competition is over, Betway will ship the iPad mini 3 to the winner.

Each day we will update the top 10 list of all players participating in the competition. If you are not ranked within the top 10, you can ask for your current position over the chat on this page. We are not authorized to reveal the full usernames of the participating players, due to security and privacy issues, but we will display your username with first and last character, while the rest of the characters would be hidden.
Example: Player username “TheGambler” will be presented as “T***r” regardless of how many characters were hidden.

How to enter the competition?

Players that don’t have an account on Betway: Click the [button-small color=”green” url=”″ label=”Betway Signup” ] button and create an account. Make sure to get the maximum points per day (2) and you will get the iPad!

Players that are already registered to Betway via our site (Top10MobileCasino) can join the competition simply by playing from 1st to 30th April.

Who can participate?

All the players who have ever registered to Betway through our site, and all new players that register before April 30th.

Who can’t participate?

Existing Betway players who had NOT registered through our site to Betway.

If you have concerns about whether you are eligible, don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or by leaving the offline message if the chat support is offline, or by Email.

Scoring system

Base points: Each calendar day you finish with more than £5 won or more than £5 lost you will be credited 1 point.
In case you win over £25 or lose over £25, you will get 2 points for that day.

The player with the most points in the end wins the iPad Mini 3.

In case some players join the competition too late, we will give them a chance to catch the others, by doubling points for players that register during the last 10 days of the competition – from 21st to 30th April.

Bonus 1: If a player connects 5 consecutive days that he had earn any points the player will get 3 points, and the player had earned 2 points for each of those 5 days he will get 6 bonus points instead of just 3.

If player had won extra points on 5 connected days, none of those days will can be counted for the next 5 connected days span. Therefore during the promotion, maximum number of 5 day groups is 6 (30/5=6).

Bonus 2: Compensation for big loses. If any player had lost over £250 in a day, he will get 5 points. Those who lost over £500 will get 10 points and over £1000 – 15 points.
Note: Maximum amount on points collected through Bonus 2 scoring is limited to 100 per player.

What’s the theoretical maximum of points?
That would be: Basic Points + Bonus 1 + Bonus 2 = 30*2 + 5*6 + 100 = 190 points

How to check your current rankings?

Each day by noon we will update the score for last day. In case you don’t see your position among the top 10, you can ask our support about your rankings by providing your username in form with all letters masked with *** except first and last one. The missing characters will always be presented with 3 asterix signs regardless of how long was your username.
Example: Player username “TheGambler” should be presented as “T***r”.

Which time zone defines a “calendar day”?

Stats will be counted toward UK time.

Which Games on Betway count for the promotion?

All casino games are eligible. Sports Betting or Bingo games will NOT be counted for points.