allows you to target exactly the type of audience you need – Mobile Casino Players! Over 75% if our visitors are visiting our site from Mobile devices. This is an ideal way to get extra exposure, apart from being listed on our top lists.

Note: It appears that our players tend the play more than average players, at least that’s what we have been told by casino companies that are already featured on the banners. Therefore you can expect that players we refer will play 2-3 more than your average players, which is because our targeted audience are smartphones and tablets users, which is both connected to higher player’s bankroll for gaming and the fact that mobile casino is much more available to players during the day than the desktop version.

Currently we can offer 4 banner positions: Banner Price List
Banner ID:Banner placements:Normal price:Price for the 1st month:Currently
Top1Mobile and Desktop Top Banner (max. 320×60)$500/month$400Yes
S1-4Mobile Bottom & Desktop Side Banner (125×125)$150/month$100Yes 2/4
Top2Desktop Top Banner (max. 320×60)$200/month$150Yes
Top3Desktop Top Banner (max. 320×60)$200/month$150Yes
Note: For upfront order of 5 consecutive months, you also get 6th month for FREE!

Technical Specs:

  • 468×60, 320×60 or 125×125, maximum file size of 150 KB
  • GIF, animated GIF or JPEG

We reserve the right to refuse advertisements and make any changes to our advertising terms and conditions without prior notice.

Important note: Please have in mind that we will only rent banner space to companies that have affiliate programs as the above prices come on top of commission we will earn from referred visitors.

How to contact us? Please send us an email to office (@) Once we have received your order it will be processed within 48 hours.

Desktop banner placements (Top1, Top2, Top3 and S1-4):

Mobile Casino   Best mobile casino resource on internet4

Mobile banner placements (Top1 & S1-4):

mobile top

mobile bottom