Android Casino – Everything you need to know

Play android casinoTop10 presents its ultimate guide to figure your way around Android Casino. All the information you might need – from why be a part of the Android Casino world, setting up your account, payment methods, safety of your transactions, how to choose the casino itself and much more. We cover it all.

So join us through this journey, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to know this world, one step at a time.

Table of contents:

  1. Why go with Android Casino
  2. Getting the technicalities right
  3. Safety and payment security
    1. Pay by phone bill (aka pay by SMS)
    2. Credit or debit cards
    3. Bank transfers and cheques
    4. Deposit and withdrawal fees
  4. How to select top Android Casino and top games
  5. Taking the game to the next level
  6. Conclusion

Before you continue with reading please take a look at our magnificent top10 Android Casino List.

Why go with Android Casino?

What do I get by playing it on my cell? It is important to cut down to the chase and explain in a simple language what can we expect from Android Casino and why choose them instead of the real ones.

There are several benefits when it comes to online casino gaming and taking the very best from the Android Casino world. People tend to doubt whether they offer as much excitement as the real places. It is safe to say that you won’t feel like James Bond in Casino Royale, but the overall set of numerous advantages you can have will make you wonder why you waited so long to step in the world of Android Casino.

  • The key benefit out there is convenience. You can access anytime and anywhere. There are no closing hours. Using your cell or a tablet and having a reliable internet connection are the only barriers you’ll stumble upon. You don’t need to stand in line and wait for your chance. You don’t even have to download the game itself, most of them can be easily accessed by heading to their websites that are optimized for mobile use.Android casino benefits
  • Another benefit which fits in great with the first one – they are so practical to use. First, no large entry bets are required. You have your option of micro level betting and playing as long as you want.
  • Possibility of taking a break and returning later is just few clicks away. It gives you your freedom to operate.
  • Remember, you can play in Android Casino from any place you want. That can be your living room, your office, when travelling by train or when sitting in a park.
  • You even get a chance to get to know the game first and practice without using real money. When you feel ready and prepared, you can go and place real bets. Thank you android casino real money no deposit. Brilliant!
  • Safe transactions represent another advantage that is extremely important. No more carrying cash around with you all the time or running to a bank to deposit/take your money. Net banking provides you with safe and efficient transactional system. Every Android Casino are devoted to provide you with latest encryption technology and up-to-date gaming software. Your personal information is protected as well as your deposits that are available only to you and are not used for operational purposes. There is a range of payment methods from which you can select the one that suits you best. When you win, fast cashouts await for you. Easy, safe and fast – what more could you possibly want?
  • Many games, many players! No limitations when it comes to making a choice. Target your favorite game and then choose from a variety of options. It’s always great to have an opportunity to choose and obtain instant access. Bearing in mind the popularity of Android Casino these days, you will be playing with people from all around the world.
  • The last but not least, there are a lot of amazing bonuses and welcome packages. How many of you can say they walked into a real casino, went to buy some chips and received double from what they expected to get? Well, in Android Casino there are many welcome packages, no deposit bonuses and other cool stuff that will help you settle in, practice a bit and gain confidence. These bonuses are real, have no deposit or any other obligations and are really free. You will find more information about them in our NO DEPOSIT BONUS GUIDE (linkujemo kasnije).

Getting the technicalities right

Second part of this guide is concerned with the issues such as setting up your account, demo possibilities, countries where Android Casino gambling is regulated and so on. Everything you need to know before you enter mobile casinos for android. But do this step the way it’s supposed to be done and don’t just hit that next button automatically.


There are two ways you can play: directly on the website or by downloading Android Casino’s software. If the casino requires you to download the app, don’t worry. Think of it as any other app for Android which will enhance the performance and improve your experience with it. Download itself is free. If you’re holding a sophisticated smartphone in your hands, in 99% of the cases you are not going to download anything.

If download is required, there are two ways to do it. Some games are available on the Play Store. That’s easy. The other solution is to download it directly from the Android Casino’s website. Downloading the game on your PC and then transferring it via cable to your phone is also an option. Always make sure to download everything from trusted resources. All kinds of harmful things can happen to your device if you are not careful. The way to avoid these problems is to play in Android Casino with a good reputation.

Bear in mind the fact that in countries where mobile casino gambling is not regulated, unfortunately you cannot play.

Before the game starts, you will have to sign up. This is a routine process like any other you have already seen on internet. Basic things like email, name and so on are required. In most cases age verification will usually follow and you know what, it should. This is how Android Casino obeys fair play. Safety is guaranteed with the encryption technology Android Casinos use. You can always ask them a question if you think of any. This is the part where you choose how will you pay/cashout, whether you want to be subscribed to their mailing list or any other blank you might want to fill in. Total control is in your hands and all the data is private.

If you want to see how it all works before sending your data, test their demo. Almost all casinos offer demo versions of their games as research has shown that customers, especially beginners, want to have this option available. You don’t need to sign up or pay anything. Go, have a spin and make tests.

Your login details work just fine if you wish to enter your account from a tablet or any other device for that matter.

All smartphone devices are compatible, but you will need an internet connection of course. If you experience any particular problems entering or playing the game, almost every Android Casino has its own customer service. Please contact them because they are there to help you. Of course, works exactly the same way with any other question or a doubt. On Top10 Mobile Casino, you also have our own customer service just in case.

If you wish to change your account settings, payment method or something else, you can do this anytime you like.

Safety and payment security at Android Casino

Payment and security at android casinoAndroid Casinos take security of their players very seriously. It is in nobody’s interest that you experience inconveniences when trying to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. So, all Android Casinos are devoted to provide you with safety as well as offer you a variety of payment methods. Whether we are talking about depositing assets or withdrawals, they have it all covered.

In this guide, we will answer the most frequent questions players ask about how to deposit, how easy it is, how to withdraw winnings as well as giving you all necessary information about possible methods of payment.

How to deposit cash at Android Casino?

The main idea is that your smartphone gives you the same service as any other computer – easy, safe and efficient process. If you have experienced online shopping before, this is all you need to know. The service is created in a way for you to avoid problems and time waste. In few paragraphs down below, we will deal with methods of payment Android Casino offers.

Here’s a peak into it for you to have a basic idea, before we analyze it more thoroughly.

A useful thing to know is that, if you opt for a method like e-Wallet, you can save your details and just re-use it when you want to play again. Of course, for the people who are more skeptical with online transactions, there is an alternative. If this is your preferred way to go, you can deposit by phone bill. You just need a phone number. In any case, every Android Casino has a page regarding deposit options. It’s always good to have a quick scan and see what suits you best.

There is one area to keep an eye on and be careful. The payment itself is not a problem (no one has anything against taking money eh), but the interface of a payment page and user-experience on it can be too much to take. All that annoying things like having to input same data million times or figuring out that awful design – in can be more than difficult. The best advice we can give you here is to change the casino. If payment is not easy and convenient, how can anything else there be any different. The example of a well organized android casino is Lucky Red. You are redirected to the right page with easy instructions and important information presented in a simple way.

Finally, always use your own credit card. In other words, go with your own name. If you don’t do it this way, Android Casino will consider this as fraud and they can refuse to give you your winnings. Best casinos care about their players and want to keep them safe. You want to bet – apply “use your own money” logic and be thankful that this is the case.

What about withdrawals from Android Casino?

This is the time tHow to deposit money at android casinoo think on case-to-case basis. Withdrawals policies depend on the casino itself. For example, various Android Casinos only accept withdrawals through specific payments options and this can sometimes differ from the way you deposited your cash. The length of withdrawal process can also vary.

In general, you should demand a reasonable withdrawal period – if it takes more than 2 days, the casino is not fair and wants you to spend your winnings. Of course, if you win big than it may take longer. Your game plan for those cases is to sit and wait thinking about the ways to spend it.

The most essential thing to take out from this section is to always give your correct details. Why? Two reasons:

  • You won’t get your money with a fake address or a fake phone number
  • Remember that age verification we discussed previously? Android Casino is obligated to prove in any moment that you are over 18 years old. So don’t be a troll and do this by providing them with the right ID. Casinos are not a place for children.

Finally, nothing beats instant withdrawals. And some casinos offer them. At the end of the day, which casino you select is entirely up to you. Choose wisely!

Some examples of the types of service can expect to receive – online gambling sites offer lightening fast cashouts via the use of online e-wallets or by Fedexing a check to your home in merely a few days, as part of their super quick and easy cash-out process.

Many online casinos that run VIP programs will offer faster payouts or instant payouts for customers at higher levels of the VIP program. This means that in order to become eligible for fast payouts and for the casino you are playing at to act like an instant payout casino for you, you can play more to earn more VIP points so that you climb up the VIP ladder and become eligible for the perk of instant payouts. Unfortunately, this scenario is only available for players who have a large enough bankroll to support climbing the VIP ladder.

Here are some Android Casinos to check out: bet365, 32 Red and Lucky Red.

What payment methods are available? Data, data, data – I cannot make bricks without clay

Ok, so you are interested in finding out how to manage your assets. You should always mind your surroundings. If you play android casino UK, choose the most convenient method there. This section deals with this, comparing all the possible Android Casino deposit methods. The categories go like this:

  1. Electronic payment methods (e-wallets and vouchers)
  2. Pay by phone or by SMS
  3. Credit or debit cards
  4. Bank transfers and cheques
  5. Deposit and withdrawal fees

Electronic payment methods

These are thought to be most modern ways of making a deposit. They include e-wallets and vouchers.

Electronic wallets are commonly used at Android Casino as a mobile payment method, because they give you lower fees than the banks or no fees for money transfers and payments. Oh, and better exchange rates as well. Electronic wallets work fast and payments are processed immediately, which gives them an edge over traditional payment methods, so you don’t have to wait and play at the casino of your choice.

E-wallets also have the possibility of withdrawal, so they are great when receiving money. They also don’t require you to fill many forms like banks, and don’t require additional documentation from you. All of this doesn’t mean they disregard security. E-wallets have an excellent security and are as safe as any other payment method, perhaps even more. E-wallets are by far the most advanced Android Casino payment method, as they incorporate all you need to deposit and withdraw without any trouble at all.

The e-wallets we recommend are well-known and proven time and time again amongst players as reliable Android Casino payment methods. These are:

skrill-logoPaypal-logoNeteller as payment methodboku-compressor

  • Skrill (former Moneybookers) is an e-wallet service allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds using your mobile phone. You can use it for purchasing goods or services, and sending money to someone, but what we really care about is using it at an Android Casino as a mobile payment method. Skrill is a very common form of the payment method, meaning it is available at many casinos. If you want to find more information about Skrill, visit their official page or find Top10’s guide on how to register and deposit with Skrill.
  • PayPal is a mobile payment processor service available around the globe. It is probably the most popular of all the online payment methods. Being an e-wallet, PayPal allows depositing as well as withdrawing and sending money. PayPal is available in majority of casinos. Many players prefer this payment method a lot. Visit PayPal’s website, learn how to deposit and register with PayPal or see our list of casinos that accept PayPal.
  • Neteller is an e-wallet service owned by Optimal Payments PLC from the UK. And the Android Casino payments with Neteller really are optimal – it is a simple, widely supported payment method at our favorite casinos. Neteller is available globally, in over 200 countries around the world. You can even use it to pay, send or receive money, and payments are all without any commission. There are even bonuses for making deposits in Neteller. You can register and inform about Neteller quite easy or find out how to deposit with them on our page.
  • Vouchers – You’ve definitely given or received a gift voucher, so you know how they work – you give a select amount of money at a store and get a voucher stating you may purchase goods from that store for the amount on the voucher. Thanks to Ukash, a very popular voucher service based in the UK, you can exchange your money for vouchers, and use an Ukash voucher at any Android Casino which supports it. Electronic vouchers provided by Ukash can only be used as a deposit method, meaning you cannot withdraw money using them. However, it is one of the fastest methods of making deposits, so it is great to have it as an option if you’re impatient to go through a long verification procedure, or wait for processing. Stay tuned and find more info with Top10.

Pay by phone bill (aka pay by SMS)

Purchasing by phone has been common for several years now. Since the introduction of SMS, people can purchase premium content by texting. Boku has taken that to a whole new level, allowing merchants and customers to get a more reliable and faster Android Casino payment method. The most important advantage of paying by phone bill is the speed. It goes without saying, that this is by far the fastest and simplest payment method there is. All you need to know is that Boku connects the Android Casino deposit to your network operator and you pay for the deposit as part of a phone bill on top of your plan.

All you need to do to pay by phone bill in an Android Casino is to provide a phone number and confirm the transaction by text message. It is as simple as that. To learn more about how Boku paying by phone bill works, select it from the table above.

There is a great guide with lots of great information about phone bill deposits you should check out. Keep in mind that great things are meant to be shared – so here you go.

Credit or debit cards

Credit and debit cards are a more traditional way to deposit your funds at an Android Casino. The main benefits you get are: they are available anywhere you look and the process of making a deposit with credit or debit cards is more than familiar.

To find out how to use credit and debit cards properly as well as about their drawbacks, go to our more detailed guide.

Bank transfers and cheques

It is another more traditional path to go when transferring and depositing your assets. Nowadays people use them rarely, but still they find their use with some players. Like any other bank transfer it is done by people and will take some time to be processed. It is the safest Android Casino payment method, especially useful when playing for big amounts of money.

Cheque on the other hand is only a withdrawal method. It comes without a doubt that you cannot deposit cash with them.

To find out how to deposit at a mobile using a bank transfer, check out our page right here.

deposit by bank transfer

Deposit and withdrawal fees

It’s a very common thing for service providers to improve their service by taking on the payment processing costs on themselves. This is also the case with the Android Casino. Sure, the processing fees exist, but they are limited to the bank transfer payment method. It requires a lot of manual labor on the side of the casino and the two banks involved in the process. There are also fees for when you exceed the maximum to withdraw per payment method, but these are usually amounts in thousands, so you can wait a couple of days to make another withdrawal, if you have really made so much money. Don’t get greedy now. Important things to remember are:

  • Android Casinos tend to be fair
  • Keep an eye on these hidden fees
  • The best thing to do is to go with electronic deposit and withdrawal methods, like Skrill, PayPal or Neteller
  • If you prefer to use a more classical form of withdrawal, better use a cheque and avoid all the fees

Using Android Casino iDEAL payment method

IDEAL is a type of payment method that has been used for online shopping and iDEAL mobile casinos. It is very popular in Netherlands, but other countries can use it too. However, players can’t withdraw their casino winnings through iDEAL. Find out more about iDEAL here.

How to select top Android Casino and top games?

Best android casino

The world of Android Casino is huge. Not only do you have a choice now, but you make that selection every single day and take absolutely everything from the existing variety. Join android mobile online slots and you’ll see the variety of fun we are talking about.

Same goes with games. The level of competition in the Android Casino empire is high and you as a customer have a quite reasonable amount of power in your hands when it comes to what should or should not they offer.

This certainly doesn’t mean that anyone should make a foolish choice and generalize too broadly. Like all the services in the world, you have good and respectable casinos on one side while lemon products that are not so good exist also on the other. The trick is to stay on the bright side and enjoy gambling the way it’s suppose to be.

And how one does that?

You should have an evoked set or, in other words, attributes you rate highly and will not negotiate about them. Frankly speaking, you would probably want to have the following conditions met:

  • Highly regarded Android Casino – this means that they enjoy a favorable reputation among the players. Their policies are transparent, they handle withdrawals smoothly and on time, they offer efficient customer service and they organize neatly information about games, payment and all you might need.
  • Are there any limits? – consider this one. Like mentioned in the beginning, if you go with Android Casino you don’t want to have same obstacles you might find in the real casino. So, avoid games that require high stakes and enjoy playing conveniently and in a relaxed fashion.
  • Bonuses – the rule here is simple, take what you can. The one good thing about high competition is that it enhances innovation. The outcome in this case is lots and lots of bonuses. Nowadays you can’t figure out all of their names, but you will definitely benefit from what they offer. Online casinos offer you different types of toolkits to fit you in smoothly. You want to have the one that suits your needs.
  • Overall user experience – let’s face it, it you have troubles playing it. You will want to get out of there as soon as possible. Almost every Android Casino has its own reviews and comments posted by other players. Learn from other people and avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Mobile compatibleness – in most cases you don’t have to sweat about it, but if your phone is an old-timer, check out the list of compatible devices just to make sure.

Here is a list of android casinos you might want to check out.

Taking the Android Casino to the next level

Another question worth tackling down is – What happens with reality? Can I really have as much fun as in the real casino?

The truth is quite simple, it all depends on you. Nobody can guarantee anything. We are all different and we all enjoy different things. But, if you look at the numbers for the world of Android Casino, you are going to see an incredible growth, customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. These are the facts.

For the sake of being more practical about it, Android Casino offers you precisely the same road to perfection as real casino does. Only the path is not exactly the same. What we mean by that? You can learn your way around the game, develop experience and become skilled at various moves, deception tricks and convert yourself into an Android Casino expert. It will depend on your game preference and how bad do you want to become pro. Best casino games on android offer all kinds of challenges. And do we really need to tell you that mobile slots android are both better and more practical than the real ones.


Final point is you can have a lot of fun in an Android Casino. It all depends on the way you look at it. Things change, they improve over time. Same outcome happened here. A lot of people think it offers you more. But ultimately, you must be the one to see what suits your desires. If you opt for a virtual experience, you are only seconds away from having a blast at an Android Casino.

So, what are you going to do?