Zimpler – The Latest Mobile Casino Deposit Method

Have you heard about Zimpler? An outstanding, easy and simple payment option for all gambling lovers out there. It’s designed specifically for online gaming! Follow the latest trends in online casino payment solutions, enjoy the benefits of casinos that accept Zimpler. Discover all possible options for your Zimpler casino account. Get ready for the Zimpler casinos adventure.

Zimpler casinos are doing its best to provide the unique mobile-safe payment experience for their clients. If you happen to be from Sweden or Finland, you should definitely consider the excellent Zimpler casino payment options. If you want to make safe and secure deposits take a look at the best casino Zimpler list and make a deposit!

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What is Zimpler?

Zimpler casinos - Zimpler logoZimpler is simple, quick and mobile-friendly casino payment option. It’s launched in 2016. by Smart Payments Nordic. However, this Sweedish group first established PugglePay back in 2012. but then worked only with a limited number of sites in Finland and Sweden. In addition, they changed its name in 2016. and have started offering a number of more flexible solutions for Zimpler casino players to set up payments. If you want to discover more details about gambling at Zimpler casino, we’ll give you all the necessary details for anonymous, safe, one-click transactions. Check out why more and more gambling sites start accepting Zimpler casino payment methods!


What are the reasons to use Zimpler at online casinos?

We‘ll list a number of reasons why to use Zimpler for your Zimpler casino. You‘ll see that casino Zimpler offers a number of advantages that facilitate payment options for casino med Zimple players. So what differs Zimpler from other payment solutions like Neteller, Skrill or Paypall?


  1. Mobile payments allowed – This means that you can carry out a transaction via mobile phone. This is, by all means, a very important advantage since you can make a deposit at your Zimpler casino from anyplace you choose.
  2. Browser access – Playing casino med Zimpler means that no mobile app download is necessary. The only thing you have to do is to access Zimpler casino through your browser.
  3. Anonymous deposits – One of Zimpler‘s top priorities is the privacy and safety of their users. Using Zimpler casino payment options means that you can convey anonymous online casino transactions.
  4. Approved by financial service – Zimpler is supervised by the financial services authority that guarantees Zimpler casino players that their personal and financial information is 100 % trustworthy and secure.
  5. Bankroll limit allowed – All Zimpler casino gamblers are allowed to set their own limit. All they have to do is to send specified budget by an email to support@zimpler.com. If you want to change the limit of your Zimpler casino budget, you should send a new email to support team.
  6. Excellent customer support – If you experience any kind of Zimpler casino transaction issue, there is available an excellent customer support team for all casino zimpler users. Zimpler support team will help all Zimpler casino users answering in English, Finnish or Swedish.


Zimpler vs. Boku

Zimpler and Boku seem to be the most popular pay-by phone billing methods recently. Because they are known for providing a quick and simple service to their clients.  Since the method of payment is very easy, both services have a significant number of users in the past few years. However, we‘ll try to honestly present the advantages and disadvantages of both payment options.

  • Purpose. Zimpler is specifically designed for iGaming. While Boku is made for more general purposes.
  • Availability. Although it hasn’t been available in the UK as long as Boku, at the moment, Zimpler has a good accessibility and is used as much as Boku due to the advantage that it has – no deposit limits. On the other hand, Boku has a deposit limit of £ 40 a day. This can be considered as the weakness. Also, Zimpler does not offer the ability of withdrawal. Players must use some different service to take the money from the account.
  • Security. Using Zimpler is extremely secure since it has its own payment system resolving all the possible issues in a moment protecting the money of their users by ensuring a unique verification code. However, you‘ll have to reveal your bank details to Zimpler before gaining the super security. On the other hand, using Boku implies having only a mobile phone device. All the information needed is a user’s phone number. So the chances of fraud are minimal, sending you the SMS message for the deposit. You can also cancel the deposit if something goes wrong. So the advantages of using Boku in the sense of security are undeniable.
  • Simplicity. Since Zimpler is designed only for iGaming. It is extremely easy to use and it‘s much more adjusted to the needs of a player than any other pay-by-phone service. Once you’ve registered and provided your phone number you can instantly make payments using a security code. Boku is also easy to use, but you have to pay the amount of money monthly and reply to the message with the verification code to confirm the amount of your deposit.


Which mobile casinos accept Zimpler?

Of course we prepare the list for you ;). But there are coupe of methods to check does casino have Zimpler as deposit method:

  1. Most casinos place logo of their payment providers in their footer. Scroll down and check.
  2. Try to find banking or how to deposit page
  3. Ask customer support.

Take a look at the best Zimpler casinos list:

Zimpler CasinoPlay Now

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€200 Bonus

18+ T&C apply

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£1000 + £10 FREE Bonus

18+ T&C apply

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Read the reviews and deposit your bankroll at casino med Zimpler. Note that before making any deposits, you should read all Zimpler casino information.

Zimpler casino payment service is relatively new. This Swedish service is used by many Scandinavian gamblers who love playing casino med Zimpler online. They made Zimpler exclusively for gamblers. Offering amazing casino Zimpler paying options. Check why Zimpler is your favorite link to the online casino world below!


A step-by-step guide to mobile casino depositing with Zimpler

  1. Choose a Zimpler casino game and select Zimpler on the deposit page;
  2. State the amount of money you want to deposit and confirm with the deposit button.
  3. You will be asked to enter your phone number. After doing this, you‘ll get a Zimpler casino account in no time!
  4. You should wait for an SMS message with the instructions to confirm your casino Zimpler account.
  5. Once you activate your account, you should enter your Visa or Mastercard info in order to make transactions possible.
  6. Another necessary step: when your account gets active, reenter the deposit amount and your phone number.
  7. After inserting the necessary details, you ‘ll get a one-time-use SMS code.
  8. Enter this code to verify the transaction!

Remember, that you are the one who determines the amount of the deposits. You‘ll always have an insight of the record of your transactions!


Which Zimpler casino payment methods are available?

Bill – If you choose to pay by bill, you‘ll get a bill directly via email or SMS. Then you have 14 days to pay your fee, depending on the amount of deposit.

Card – Paying by card implies filling in the card details that you‘ve already entered on your casino Zimpler account.


How safe is Zimpler?

One of the main characteristics of Zimpler is that it provides various kinds of protection for Zimpler casino. First of all, it presents a secure payment process. But it doesn’t only provide the protection of your bankroll or identity. Your casino med Zimpler is more than safe! These are only some methods of protection that Zimpler enables:


  1. Protective barrier between your Zimpler casino site and your bank account.

Although online casinos are mostly safe, there’s always the slimmest chance for your personal details to be reveal. Zimpler puts another layer of protection for your casino Zimpler  between your bank and casino. It asks only for the phone number as an input and no other personal details.


  1. SMS verification

Without SMS verification no transactions are possible. Every Zimpler casino will receive a unique one-time PIN code. You will use it to confirm any transaction. Even if someone manages to get into your account, he wouldn’t be able to convey the transaction because he doesn’t have the PIN!


  1. Deposit limits and spending review

It‘s you and only you who decides the limit of the deposit for your Zimpler casino. Besides the limit, you can always keep a record of your spending. Avoid the unpleasant situation of being without any money at all. Another good thing about casino Zimpler is that everything you do needs a second confirmation.

So, in other words, no one can make any changes except you! It‘s very unlikely, but even if some sign of offense occurs, you can always contact the casino Zimpler and report the issue. Also, UK Gambling Commission guarantee additional protection. Your casino med Zimpler is absolutely safe!


Zimpler Mobile Casino FAQs

Can I withdraw my winnings via Zimpler?

After you have played and won (congratulations!), it‘s logical that you‘d want to withdraw your winnings. Although some our Zimpler casinos accept withdrawals made via Zimpler, unfortunately, there would be some casinos where you‘d have to choose some other payment option. Before starting the game read all the payment possibilities. See if a casino of your choice allows one or more payment options


Is Zimpler Safe?

Zimpler provides an extreme measure of protection and places safety and security of casino Zimpler as their top priority. It‘s directly supervised by Financial Service of Authority. All your data is safe due to encryption!


How long should I wait for the money to be transferred?

Zimpler casino options enable quick transfers to your money account. You just have to confirm your deposit and instantly have access to your funds!


Does Zimpler have customer support?

Since they strive for excellence in their field, it‘s natural. Zimpler has focus on customer and thus have a professional customer service. If you have some doubts, questions or you‘re encountering some kind of Zimpler related issue, you can reach Zimpler customer service either by email (support@zimpler.com) or directly by phone (+46(0)775 161 740).


Does Zimpler have any drawbacks?

We‘ll be completely honest with you – yes, as any other payment system. However, there are few:

– Small fees – Every time you make a transaction at your Zimpler casino, Zimpler will charge you with a really small fee. Once you get the bill you have to pay it in 2 weeks. As we already said, the fee is small. But don‘t miss a deadline, cause if you do, you‘ll have to pay a delay charge!

Still no app – At the moment, there is no Zimpler app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. However, payments are available through your browser.

Still not available in the USA – Unfortunately, if you‘re not a European, or you‘re the US citizen, you should look for another payment option. If this is the case, read MasterCard, Bitcoin, American express online casino reviews and choose the best payment that suits you!


Does Zimpler charge any transaction fees?

You won‘t have to pay any fees as long as you don‘t go below the minimum deposit limit (£ 10) or exceed the maximum (£2 000). With no withdrawing fees, Zimpler is completely free of charge!


Despite few imperfections, Zimpler is a new, growing, and responsible payment solution, enabling simplified casino Zimpler transactions. If you are one of the passionate online casino gamblers, have the best gaming experience and make a deposit safely and directly with just a click!