We bet that none of you old-school casino players could believe before this would be possible – Guns n Roses Mobile Slot. Well, it is. An unreal mixture of 5-reels and 20 paylines of action, smooth appearance of famous band members and the chance to choose from 5 of Guns ‘n Roses most popular tracks is all there, on your mobile. Let us imagine that picture for a second – Guns n Roses Slot Machine and Welcome to the Jungle banging in the background. Dear casino players, you’ve been waiting for it, we’ve been waiting for it… We proudly present Guns n Roses Slot review.

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Guns n Roses Mobile Slot – Why Stick with Classic?

Any hardcore fan of the rock band would be deeply disappointed if the famous name is to be used in vain. This is why the creators of Guns n Roses Mobile Slot game produced a powerful effort to bring the best from both casino and rock n roll world. They even got the timing right as the game was released on the 30th anniversary of the legendary band.

Guns N’ Roses Mobile Slot

The most obvious question arises first. Why should anyone go with Guns n Roses Mobile Slot instead of something else?

For starters, game comes with an above average payout percentages and a pretty generous game jackpot. The goal of Guns n Roses slot game was to leave to their players the ability to choose, to have a variety of options. In other words, if you prefer to play with modest amounts you will find a stake level according to your budget and slide into the game on your own terms.

No player should witness a slot game without few Guns n Roses Slot Game Bonuses along the road. This game is no exception. Awesome bonus features and bonus games that will increase your chances to win and earn some extra bucks. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot can be found on all NetEnt powered casino sites.

Last but not least, you always want to have the cavalry. Always! This means a dedicated game crew to provide you with fast payouts when you win and a top-notch customer service to answer all your questions and remove any doubts. Avoid being satisfied with second-hand problem solutions and have high expectations. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot has lived up to the reputation for many players and its customer support is efficient and effective.

One more thing! We saved it to finish this chapter of the Guns n Roses Slot review. If you are all about rock n roll, you will love the theme of the game. The band’s logo and musicians are part of game symbols, there are some sampled sound effects and a real concert video footage is also there. Guns n Roses Slot Machine Android, as well as other platform versions – at its finest! Seriously, what more could you possibly want?

Playing Guns n Roses Mobile Slot EXPLAINED

Of course there are a couple of free spins opportunities on Guns N’ Roses Mobile Slot as well. All that options that we are accustomed to when playing slots can be found here too. But, for the sake of entertainment, let’s focus on the unique game features this game has to offer to its players.

The only truth worth mentioning is that players seek simplicity. All the time! Anybody can make something complicated. It takes a true gamer to create something exciting and simple, for which you won’t need to waste time scanning through instruction texts. Take Guns n Roses Mobile Slot game set up for as an example, it is wonderfully simple. You can set up everything in the matter of seconds thanks to the elegantly designed scroll bars and start playing immediately. Check out the two highlights below this paragraph, you’ll get the picture straight away.

Play Guns n Roses Mobile Slot  Play Guns n Roses Mobile Slot

As you’ve probably seen in previous screenshots, options like Quick Spin, Autoplay with stop if checkbox or Left Hand Mode are some of the features that will make playing even more easier.

The middle reels of the game are seized by a cross, with five skeleton heads representing wild and substitute symbols. Skeletons are of course the members of the band and each one transforms in that one symbol you need to have a winning combination. Really cool themed attribute with an awesome name – The Appetite for Destruction Wild feature.

According to the worldwide reputation of the band, an option with something legendary in it simply must exist. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot game didn’t disappoint. Legend Spins feature randomly awards players with 3 re-spins. All this happens between 1 and 2 Stacked Wild reels that could result in some spectacular winnings. On the first re-spin, reel 3 becomes a stacked wild reel. With the second, reels 1 or 5 are converted to stacked wild ones and with the final third re-spin, same happens with reels 2 and 4. Band members appear here the most and are right behind you nailing their instruments.

The Appetite for Destruction Legend Spins Crowd Please Bonus Game  Bonus Wheel

Solo Multiplier feature shall increase your winning combination from 4x to 10x times. This option is triggered as soon as you hit the minimum of 3 matching symbols. Althouth you get decent winnings, wild symbols don’t go along with it. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot free spins – Encore Free Spins – may reward you with 10 additional spins.

There is also a particular wheel with various prizes waiting. All of them are listed in the game and if the cartridge points to one of them while you’re playing, happy days. They call this Multi-Award Bonus Reel. Finally, Crowd Please Bonus Game gives you a chance to make selections that may result in coin wins.

Winning Secrets

Here is a quick overview of winning Bet Lines, combinations you are chasing, symbol payout values and bonuses for Guns n Roses Mobile Slot. In this section you will find a couple of game screenshots so you can see the real deal. Like previously stated, the most valuable payout symbols are represented by the band members themselves, so you will enjoy seeing them every single time. Other symbols have somewhat smaller revenues, but winnings are winnings. Finally, check out how cool is the ultimate winning combination you are aiming for in these screenshots here as well.

Guns n Roses Mobile Slot  Guns n Roses Mobile Slot  Guns n Roses Mobile Slot

Guns n Roses Mobile Slot RTP %

The organisation that brought us this wonderful game, NetEnt has officially verified the return to player percentage as 96.98% giving the online casino a 3.02% house advantage.

Final Word on Guns n’ Roses Mobile Slot

Let’s go through the main advantages and features one more time. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot is a 5 reel, 3 row, 20 pay line video slot game that comes together with one of the greatest rock bands of all times. While playing, you get to manage a 5 track playlist. In other words, pick your favorite tune and go for it. Guns n Roses Mobile Slot has Wild symbols like Expanding Wilds and a new “Appetite for Destruction” Wild. You’ll also get Bonus Symbols, Encore Free Spins, Legend Spins, the Guns N’ Roses Solo Multiplier and a bonus game named the Crowd-Pleaser.

Like any other thing in this world, there will be haters. And yeah, there may come a time where you are not going to like a specific option in the game. But this is normal. Many of us will just wave to that moment as November Rain is jamming smoothly. Sincerely, this game is the one. It has to be the one. A lot of themed slot games are certainly more than cool, but Guns n Roses Mobile Slot is truly something special.

Give it a try and send us your thoughts. We would love to hear them.

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